Hydraulics in transition

or hydraulics today and SENTI®


Today's electrification of the powertrain, especially battery-electric applications, is confronting hydraulics with hitherto unattainable challenges:



  • Jerk-free, harmonious start-up behavior
  • Low torque pulsation
  • Low noise emission
  • High efficiency
  • High start-up efficiency
  • High pressure at lowest and variable speeds
  • Small space
  • Low weight


Only in this way can unacceptable, high losses of valuable battery capacity be prevented.


The politically required CO2 and NOx values are forcing the hydraulics industry to break new ground.


The compensation of high power losses compared to mechatronics increases costs in increasingly price-sensitive markets.


These requirements have to be met if you do not want to leave the market to mechatronics.



was founded to fulfill these requirements and to make hydraulics available for today and future needs and legal requirements.



goes beyond that: The preservation of field control in the typical hydraulic markets is not enough - the new growth markets such as Industry 4.0, robotics, medical technology, AI (artificial intelligence), make ever higher demands on the drive technology.


has started to develop these application fields in terms of fluid technology, with advantageous properties that are not offered by mechatronics.



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